Bombardier continually strives to improve the environmental effectiveness of all operations, from design to final implementation and maintenance.

BOMBARDIER TRAXX F140 MS locomotives are 93% recyclable. Bombardier Transportation sites use an integrated product design program, Design for Environment, which aims at encompassing the entire life cycle of a product. The program includes elements like material recycling, content of hazardous substances, energy efficiency and noise level. Bombardier was the first company in the rail industry to develop a tool, so called Environmental Product Declaration, for communicating sustainability activities. The EPD is a document which provides information on the process and materials used to manufacture a particular vehicle and on their environmental impact, presenting the opportunities for improvements and improvement of product life cycle indicators.

The ISO 14001 standard as well as EMAS (European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) have been implemented in a significant part of Bombardier sites worldwide, including the Polish production plants in Katowice and Wrocław. Both systems are based on the idea of continuous improvement of environmental standards with respect to energy and material efficiency as well as reduction of waste emissions and the risk of unwanted environmental incidents.

Additionally, Bombardier Transportation is introducing a list of prohibited and restricted environmentally hazardous substances which may not be used at any stage of the manufacturing process. The list is continually updated and all suppliers are requested to confirm their compliance. Polish investments on the railway market, in which Bombardier Transportation plays a significant role, promote safety, comfort and environment-friendly ways of traveling by modern trains. Bombardier’s push-pull trains operating in Mazovia enhance the quality of travel by e.g. decreasing traffic intensity on the regional roads to the benefit of railways, thus also contributing to reducing air pollution.

Bombardier Transportation’s environment-friendly carbody paint shop in Wrocław uses green solutions minimizing the amount of substances emitted during the painting process.

In addition to numerous environmental initiatives such as e.g. the greenhouse gas emission reduction program, Bombardier Transportation is implementing a number of initiatives of educational nature. The most significant initiative of this type is the launch of an international website,, which contains interesting materials, information and data regarding the environmental effectiveness of particular transportation solutions.

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