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Rail vehicles
We offer the world’s broadest rail vehicle portfolio for urban and mainline operation. Our products include automated people movers, monorails, light rail vehicles, advanced rapid transit, metros, commuter/regional trains, intercity/high speed and very high speed trains and locomotives.
There are currently more than 100,000 Bombardier rail vehicles in service worldwide.

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Rail control solutions
Bombardier's advanced signalling solutions for mass transit (CITYFLO) and mainline systems (INTERFLO). We are leading the way in ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management Systems) and CBTC (Communication-based Train Control) technology.

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Serwis i utrzymanie

Bombardier offers complete life-cycle service and support: Rail vehicle fleet maintenance, fleet management, repairs, vehicle refurbishment and modernization with respect to the supply of materials and components.

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FLEXX – The world’s most comprehensive bogie portfolio, covering the full range of our rail vehicle products.
Bombardier is the worldwide leader with more than 200,000 bogies in operation.

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Propulsion and controls
MITRAC - A complete product portfolio for applications ranging from trolley buses to freight locomotives.
We are the world’s leading provider of propulsion and control equipment for rail vehicles.

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Systemy transportowe

Transportation systems
Our customized “design-build-operate-maintain” transportation system solutions.
We have provided more than 60 systems worldwide and have over 35 years of experience in systems engineering and integration.

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ECO4 technologies
ECO4 technologies – built on the four cornerstones of energy, efficiency, economy and ecology – conserve energy, protect the environment and help to improve total train performance.

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